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Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome

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The gods are divided. Rome has lost its way. We must restore its glory! With the favor of the gods, we shall lead our people to become the chosen tribe that will bring unity and strength to the empire once again.

Gods of Rome is a competitive area-control game that uses worker placement and card activation and lasts around 60 minutes. Players each choose a tribe at the start of the game and must lead that tribe to gain the gods' favor. On your turn, choose one of three actions:

  • Visit a God: Gain a god's blessing token, which allows you to take an enhanced action later in the game, and place one meeple in that god's color — which might also be a player's color — on the game board in a matching-colored location.
  • Activate a card: Place a token on an action space on your player board to add more figures to the board, move figures, and attack opponents. If you have a blessing token of the same color as the location where the action takes place, you can take an enhanced action.
  • Score: Advance on the victory track depending on which territories you control in regions that match the gods you have visited, then clear all action spaces and remove your tokens from the god spaces. Special objectives change the scoring of territories from game to game.

The favor track features three checkpoints, and as players gain favor, they advance on this track; if a player hits a checkpoint, all players score points based on their relative position on the favor track, then they advance to the checkpoint. After a player reaches the third checkpoint, players again score points, then whoever has the highest overall score wins.

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