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Lusitania XXI

Lusitania XXI

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Dreadful news reaches Rome; in the most remote part of Iberia, Lusitania, a people ungoverned and unwilling to be, has defeated the Roman Empire in another battle. Julius Caesar, Roman Emperor, is furious, and he’s had enough.

"Alea iacta est" - the die has been cast.

He calls in his three best commanders with a clear message: travel across the Empire recruiting and equipping the most fearless Legionaries and Barbaric Mercenaries. Then march 4 Roman Legions into Lusitania to crush the resistance. Caesar will lead one of the four legions himself and provides abundant funding to ensure success.

In this game, you either place cards from your hand into a row of 9 possible slots in front of you or exchange cards from your hand with others that best fulfill your goals.
The cards placed on the row give victory points and the first player to reach 21 points will be the winner.

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